Zhikao Introduction

Zhikao is a technology company dedicated to improving the health of families. It was founded in Silicon Valley in June 2010 and was formerly known as the "American Center for Digital Life Research." Zhikao entered Shanghai, China in August 2017, and successively reached strategic investment and cooperation with Lenovo Group and Tencent.

ZhiKao carefully created the “ZK Dome Health” platform and launched a number of smart products and related applications for health management. By using these products and applications, people can accurately quantify their health status in new ways. The quantified life data is stored on the “ZK Dome Health” platform, with the help of artificial intelligence analysis, to provide family members with full-cycle and comprehensive health management services.


Zhikao is building a platform of IoT, digitalization, and intelligence to lead the digital health revolution in the home and build a healthy intellectual cloud for humanity. Develop hardware that captures life data without feeling for home scenarios, records life data (DNA, RNA, protein, microorganisms, antibodies, metabolism) without affecting people's current lifestyle, and analyzes it and diet with artificial intelligence , Exercise, emotion, energy, sleep and other living conditions.


Using non-sense hardware and intelligent technology, combined with big data, to understand the characteristics and rules of life, to form a family digital health blueprint, to provide smarter health decisions for each family member.

Consultation Team

Geoffrey Hinton

Known as "one of the three founders of artificial intelligence", "the father of deep learning" and "the father of neural networks", he is currently a professor at the University of Toronto.
        Member of the Royal Society, Royal Society of Canada, American Association for the Development of Artificial Intelligence. Honorary foreign member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the American Academy of Engineering.
   The pioneer of computer learning, enabling computers to independently think about programs and solve problems on their own. He also developed the "deep learning" subfield.


Intelligent Home Health Sponsor

     Master of Automotive Engineering / Psychology, University of Stuttgart, Germany, Senior Researcher at the Center for Human Day and Night Repair at the University of Pittsburgh, Special Member of the American Association for Artificial Intelligence, and Member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM).

Frank Buysse

Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI)-the heir to the gold standard in sleep.

     Focus on the study of sleep behavior on cognitive ability, memory habits, character development. Participant of the 2013 American Brain Project.

      Received the Ellen Neuer Award from ACM / AAAI in 2019, which rewards those who have made outstanding contributions in the computer field.

Kenneth Depuydt

Professor of Computer Science and Operations Research at Duke University. His research work focuses on advanced machine learning and is dedicated to solving artificial intelligence problems. 
    In 2003, he was hired as a professor of computer science and neuroscience by New York University (NYU). 
    In 2013, joined Facebook as Facebook's chief AI scientist. 
    In 2017, he was named the world's most influential computer scientist by sciencn. 

Development Path