ZK Dome Health Scientific progress

  Chi test of artificial intelligence and big data analysis techniques used in the life sciences industry, in-depth knowledge and insight into the life sciences data, help solve the multiple problems in the field of health and cancer genes, medical imaging, life sciences, health management, medical services, etc.

   Dome Health has a unique approach to the application of life data-driven technology in the market. Dome Health provides cognitive life services products to our partners and customers by integrating data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence services.

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ZK Dome Health Product

   Dome Health Hope to provide innovative results through life data and cognitive insights to address the world's most pressing health challenges to improve people's lives and bring hope to more patients.

  • Chinese and Western scientific health optimization

    According to the multi-dimensional life data of family members, we provide a personalized integrated Chinese and Western medicine regimen.

  • Child Development Intelligence Optimization

    Provide intelligent scientific parenting advice based on children's sleep behavior data, metabolite analysis, nutrient intake, and their own genetics, using intelligent tools.

  • Genetically customized skincare products

    Provide family members with skin system detection and analysis, and customize skin care products based on DNA and endocrine system characteristics according to the diverse needs of different time and space.

  • Female Anti-Aging Smart Solution

    Provide anti-aging solutions for collagen loss, pigmentation, ovarian function decline, hair loss, etc.

  • Scientific management of precision sports

    Based on real-time DNA metabolism data, ingestion status, skeletal function, and physical needs, we provide a "tailored" exercise program to track changes in organs during exercise and reduce the risk of health damage during exercise.

  • Family members' emotional enhancement

    Based on multi-dimensional life data of family members, combined with their own energy dynamics, emotional dynamics, rhythms and habits, and other living conditions, it provides interactive suggestions for family members.

  • Home Nutrition Science Match

    Provide personalized dietary guidance for family members, such as VR diet glasses. Record the effects of diet on the body, and precisely match products such as nutrients and medicinal ingredients.

  • Intelligent early warning of health risks

    Multi-dimensional life data for family members, providing early warning of health risks in various systems of the human body: exercise system, digestive system, respiratory system, circulatory system, urinary system, nervous system, endocrine system and reproductive system.