A guide to a happy family for the future

Family health is the foundation of a happy life. The DANs between family members are close, there are many life intersections, similar living habits, and health problems are easy to explode, affecting all family members. Today, in the digital age, data is helping us make smarter choices. However, when it comes to family and personal health issues, we are often confused. We still don't know much about the changes in the body and the interaction between family members. How do those seemingly sudden major diseases eventually erupt in our body over time? How does our health choices affect the future of life? What we need is to grasp the relationship between life status and life status change, and rely on it to understand our health status and predict future health risks.

   This is the mission of Zhikao Technology:     
    Focus on family health, based on big data of life, and use artificial intelligence analysis to help each family plan the perfect path to health

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What's hidden in life data?
How to gain insights for your health management?

Up to 80% of our body's health data cannot be identified by traditional techniques. Zhikao uses the most advanced biological fiber monitoring and chip recognition technology, combined with fabric fiber sensors, to help people obtain fine health data of the human body including organs, blood vessels, flora, metabolism ...

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Cloud platform for cognitive life,
The Dome Health cloud is applicable to all types of life data.

Zhikao established the Dome Cloud, an open human life data platform. Through AI cloud computing, it provides a secure, scalable, and flexible infrastructure to provide people with customized health solutions.

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ZK Dome Health blockchain is born for information security

The ZK Dome Health blockchain is not only a technology, but also a platform for data to work together to achieve self and biological memory, as well as the entire human life data information. The platform is based on the open source super ledger from the Linux Foundation. It takes advantage of the blockchain's non-tamperable encryption performance. They encrypt all users 'life data at a supercomputing level and strictly protect users' privacy and data security.

     Let blockchain technology create security value all the time in the ocean of life data

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